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Coach, Educator, Consultant, Counselor, and People Leader

As an experienced talent management professional and Gallup Strength Coach who has hired, trained hiring managers, and coached thousands of job seekers, I see how invaluable leveraging your strengths can be in identifying and navigating a fulfilling career path. When you understand, appreciate and use your strengths with intentionality, you will be more effective at leading yourself, leading others andĀ successfully guiding your team through organizational changes and conflicts.

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Learn how you can leverage your team's strengths to create a strengths based culture that is highly engaged and delivers exceptional results.

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Get personalized coaching that takes into account your leadership strengths or discover how to effectively manage your career by fully tapping into your values, strengths, interests and skills. 

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Lead with Strengths specializes in helping individuals, teams, and organizations leverage and optimize on their talents to reach their desired outcomes