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In today's dynamic job market, individuals and organizations alike are seeking effective ways to unlock potential, navigate career transitions, and build strong teams. Lead with Strengths offers coaching, training, and consulting to empower individuals and organizations through customized solutions that leverage strengths, values, and experiences to achieve desired outcomes.

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My name is Susan Chang. I have navigated multiple career changes including from counselor to social worker to Human Resources professional to career coach to working in higher education as an adjunct professor and overseeing career education. As someone who loves a challenge and seeks continuous growth, I have taken many self-assessments and invested in professional development trainings.

However, it was not until I became a Gallup certified strengths coach that I truly felt that I developed a true understanding and appreciation of my innateĀ talents and how I could begin cultivating them to maximize my potential and achieve greater personal and professional satisfaction.Ā 

Reach yourĀ potential by leading with your strengthsĀ 


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Tap into your natural leadership strengths and engage your team by maximizing on their strengths.Ā 

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