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For Organizations: Building Stronger Teams

  • Team Building: Develop an appreciation of individual and team strengths
  • Strategic Goal Setting: Utilize team members’ strengths to set and align the team around strategic goals
  • Employee Engagement: Assess engagement and develop an action plan
  • Build Leadership Capacity: Enhance leaders’ effectiveness by helping them tap into their strengths as managers
  • Team Effectiveness: Tap into individual strengths and how they can be effectively utilized in their current role 
  • Talent Management:  Coach managers on assessing their team members’ talents and identifying growth opportunities that build on individual strengths
  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching: Empower leaders to effectively coach and lead their teams

For Individuals: Crafting Your Career Path

  • Career Exploration with Strengths Focus: Embrace an unique journey of self-discovery through personalized assessments that uncover your strengths, values and interests. Our expert coach guides you in aligning your innate talents with potential career paths, fostering a sense of purpose.
  • Strategic Job Search Strategy: Our comprehensive approach extends beyond traditional job searches. Benefit from strategies that utilize your strengths, values, and experiences to develop tailored resumes, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and prepare you to stand out to employers with your unique brand and value proposition. 
  • Navigate Career Transitions: Learn effective networking and interviewing skills, work/life integration strategies, and how to successfully advance your career.
  • Leadership Development and Branding: Elevate your leadership skills by harnessing your strengths. Tap into your potential as a leader, develop effective management techniques, and foster a collaborative team culture that thrives on individual strengths.



All team and 1:1 sessions can be delivered either in-person or virtually.

CliftonStrengths assessments are assigned as pre-work for all offerings and Gallup Q12 can be incorporated to enhance employee engagement offering.


  • Minimum of 2 hours for a strengths discovery session
  • Recommended time: minimum of 4 hours to incorporate goal setting or other agreed-upon outcomes
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